Broken Ankle Surgery

If you read my previous post you would know I broke my foot. Well I was misdiagnosed that my food was fine I wouldn’t need surgery. Good thing I got a second opinion because it was not fine. I need surgery and it’s already 3 weeks since I broke my foot. So a week before... Continue Reading →


Broken Foot, Now what?

A week ago I thought my life was over. Yes I know I’m being dramatic however that’s how it felt for me! I broke my foot. How did I break my foot you may ask? Well, everything was going good I was doing the dishes until I heard the ice cream truck. So I was... Continue Reading →

Cactus Painting

My favorite plant is all cacti. They're beautiful and come in different shapes and sizes. Their resilience and ability to adapt to a harsh environment while looking so aesthetic and beautiful is what makes them the plant of my dreams. I painted a cactus over the weekend and took photos every step of the way. Materials:... Continue Reading →

My resolutions Update

For the new year I had a post about my resolutions for the year and I wanted to update everyone on how it was going.  My first revolution was to cook more and it’s only the ending of February currently but I can successfully say I have accomplished it so far. I’ve learned new recipes... Continue Reading →

My Workout Routine

So for workouts, I want to have a bigger and more toned butt and flat abs. I know this is super basic and everyone has similar goals but I’m going to share my workout routine.  If there are any exercises that don't make sense, comment and I'll explain or send a photo for reference. Leg/booty... Continue Reading →

Bullet Journal

Having a bullet journal has been something I’ve thought about for the past few months. Part of me wanted it but the idea of having something I would have to consistently need to update and create rather than already be made for me like if I bought a regular planner felt like a lot of... Continue Reading →

Valentines Day Date Ideas

Yes I know 2019 just started and whoohoo but honestly this post is about one of my favorite times of the year... Valentines Day!!! I know what you're thinking it's now January 2 can we atleast get rid of christmas decorations before getting to valentines day. The answer is no! I mean if you go... Continue Reading →

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